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May 2000

I'm starting to build a plywood boat based on the plans described in "How to Build the Gloucester Light Dory" by Harold 'Dynamite' Payson. 1982 published by Wooden Boat Books, ISBN 0-937822. Two interesting links to those who have built this or similar boats are The NEW ENGLAND DORY Company and Jim Michalak's Sports Dory which is modified version of the Gloucester Light Dory. So far I've only built a model as shown below and have cut the actual frames. More to come!!

July 2000

Wow. I figured this would be a little more difficult that the Jawbone KayakI had bulilt several months before, but I really underestimated the time required. But this is a beautiful boat with lovely lines, so I feel it is worth the effort. My wife on the other hand wants her garage back. So I am nearing completion!!. Here are some photos with most of the boat done.

August 26, 2000 Launch Day!!

Finally it is Launched in Copan Lake. Stacey and the kids take the dory out for an first spin. The boat is about 80 lbs. and tough for one person to put on a car. The oars take some getting used to for a paddler like me.

September 2, 2000 Second outing.

At Birch Lake the dory is put through it's paces. Rowing produced an amazingly fast speed, and quite of bit of power. I was able to tow a ski boat with engine problems for about a 100 yards. Stacey and her friend get caught in a thunderstorm, take on some water, but make it back to shore.

The performance of the boat is very impressive, and it has such a nice profile on the water. I would encourage anyone who likes wooden boats to give this one a try.

Estimated cost of materials and labor



Unit Cost

Total Cost


Sheets " plywood 4'x8'

$ 12.55

$ 50.20


Ft. of 4" 10oz. Fiberglass

$ 1.99

$ 19.90


Yds. of 10oz. 38" Fiberglass Cloth

$ 6.69

$ 26.76


Epoxy Hardener 206

$ 24.97

$ 49.94


Epoxy Resin B West System

$ 62.86

$ 125.72


Epoxy Mini-pumps

$ 9.94

$ 9.94


Pair Oar Locks

$ 17.99

$ 35.98


Oars 7'

$ 37.99

$ 75.98


Brass Screws-various

$ 22.00

$ 22.00


Gallon Oil Paint

$ 19.56

$ 39.12

$ 455.54

Labor Cost



$ 1.00

$ 60.00

Total Estimated Cost

$ 515.54

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